Success Story of Adopted Husky


 -3/14/17-Sebastian-Almost after 2 years Sebastian now has his forever home with his new Mom Morgan and Loki . Sebastian will now reside in Fresno and enjoying his new life 


 -9/1317-Sasuke-Melissa and her husband (not in picture) of Redwood city adopted Sheba now called Sasuke , they are all excited to start a new venture with there first husky. 


 -5/30/17-Zoey-Courtney and Matthew of Seaside Adopted our little Miss Zoey. They were all excited and can't wait to enjoy long walks and days at the ocean 


  -3/10/17-Zeus-Erika and her family from San Jose ca adopted Rocket. The family as well as rocket was overly excited to start there new journey together.

-6/17/17-Zoey-Erika and Henry Reis of San Jose ca open there home to another addition to there family . Thank you adopting another one of our rescue,now Zeus and Nikki will have each other for life time


 -8/12/17-Zoey-Bella our Italian beauty got adopted to Anne from Pacifica ca. Bella can have tons of play time with George and tons of love with Anne.  Thank you for opening your home and adopting Ms. Bella.. 


 -2/24/17-Tigger-A great family in Campbell  ca Adopted  Tigger they  are so excited  to share  there  home with Tigger  and Sadie their Australian  Cattle  Dog. Tigger is enjoying  his new home as well as his best  friend  Sadie 


 -8/21/17-Mowgli-Granite Now Mowgli got adopted to and very active Bryanna of San Luis Obispo ca.. Mowgli Is going to very happy going on many runs walk or just enjoying the Pacific Ocean..Thank you Bryanna for opening your house and adopting a rescue doggie. 


 -9/16/17-Milo-Solo now Milo got adopted to the Mariconi from Livermore ca He is so excited that is has brother to play with and they are excited to extended their family  and adopted a rescue husky. 


 -9/17/17-Taz-The Hoorzuk family of Santa Clara adopted Taz. The just loves him and he is enjoying a very active lifestyle and living with a family that is going to give him the love he needs.'  Thank you for opening your home and adopting Taz, he now knows he has a forever family. 


 -9/10/17-Lucky-Ashes now named Lucky has a great family  in San Jose ca that is eager to work with Lucky and bond by going to training classes.Thank you for opening your home and adopting a rescue dog. 


 -9/17/17-Einstein-Ratchet now Einstein got adopted to a great family from Castro Valley ca. He is going  to enjoy many walks,runs or just getting Belly rubs from his new forever family. Thank you for opening your home and adopting. 


 -9/16/17-Juno-The Nilsson family from Fremont ca adopted our gorgeous baby girl Maple now Juno. The family is very excited to share their love with animals and show their children how to love as well. Thanks for opening your home and adopting rescue Husky. 


 ​-9/8/17-Marco-Merlot now Marco was adopted by a great family in Santa Cruz ca . Thank you Melrose family for being another furry friend into your family. 


 -9/11/17-Doug-Zipper got to adopted to Mally savvy  family in Livermore. Now Zipper new name is Doug. Thank you for opening your home and adopting a rescue husky. 


 -3/14/16-Cody-Deuce now Cody got a adopted Yesterday from a wonderful family Christian & Ma Thea and Naomi Plus there Beautiful dog Snow from Morgan Hill
Deuce loves it there!! 


 -10/28/16-Cooper-Yesterday Mohan and his wife Medha and their son Aarush from Mountain View ca adopted Cooper. We wish this family a lot of luck being it's there first husky 


 -2/12/15-Tela-Got Adopted to the Lewis Family from San Jose,ca 


 -9/20/17-Lev-Teva now Lev got adopted to a very savvy family from Stateline NV.Teva (Lev) is going to enjoy his life in the snow and many hikes up in the National Parks. Thanks to the McFadden family Lev has a brother named Zack to play with as well. 


 -8/23/15-Cinnamon-Got Adopted to Diana Trujillo From San Jose,ca 


 -9/7/14-Calee-Got Adopted to a Wonderful Family in San Jose,ca  


 -10/19/17-Alpine-The Schwarz family adopted Bandit now Alpine,he  has finally found his forever family!!! They will be keeping him quite busy and Alpine  is so excited to finally start his new chapter. 


 -9/19/17-Brenda-Brenda our bundle of joy got adopted to a wonderful family in san jose. Thank to Briana and Alex for opening your home and adopting our special little trouper 


 -5/26/16-Jasmine-Shilpa Subramanyappa and her husband Shashank Kota Sathish Adopted Jasmine yesturday from San Jose --- Jasmine gave them both a lot of kisses  


 ​-11/28/17-Piper-Horchata now piper got adopted to a Husky savvy family from Mountain View ca.Thank you for opening your home and adopting Piper 


 9/16/17-Jade-Jade got adopted from Yee family. She is so excited to go for walks and many hikes. The family just adores her and excited to continue the training and just give her bunch and bunch of loves. 


  -7/19/16-Juno-Juno got Adopted Yesturday July 19,2016 -- To a great family in Seaside,ca. Brandon Morales and his Family --- Thier Daughter was So excited about Juno coming to there home 


-2/5/17-Kayle-Indira Negi and her Husband and there dog Thor Adopted Kayle Yesturday 2/5/17 now Thor has a Forever play Partner and friend


 -7/31/16-Koda- Koda got adopted to a Family in Santa Cruz 


 -9/4/16-Nanook-Today September 4 2016 Nanook got adopted to a husky savvy household with another furry friend named Zeus. Thank you to Christine and Dan Nicklas from Morgan hill for opening there home for another husk 


-3/31/16-Misty-Yesterday on 3/31 the Rickels Family from Pebble Beach,ca adopted our sweet little Misty ---- I hope they enjoy her as much as we did


 -7/16/16-Venti-Venti got Adopted today from Meghan Lake and her husband Andrew from Pacific Grove ca they are So excited to adopted her 


 -2/9/17-Cooper-Clair and Greg Howard Adopted Shaver yesterday from Brentwood New name is Cooper 


 -8/8/17-Tipper-Our little boy Tipper got adopted to a La Vasse family of Oakley. Tipper is going have tons of loving with his human siblings and his new mom..La Vasse family had a big heart to open there home to a  rescue dog Tipper.


 -9/16/17-Java-The Resnick Family of Marin a very savvy malamute family adopted our beautiful baby Java. They are excited to start a new charter and enjoy endless  puppy kisses. Thank you for opening your home and adopting Java. 


 -2/14/16-Blue- Snapple New name Blue got Adopted to a wonderful Family in Templeton,ca  


 1/12/18-Nova- ​​Flora now Nova got adopted to a great couple in Monterey. Flora and her sister will have many adventures . Thank you for opening your home and adopting a resue doggie. 


 1/17/18 Hiro- ​Keno now hiro was adopted to a great family in Scott valley. Hiro has big sister named Chole to play with and have lots of fun together. Thank you for opening your home for adopting a rescue dog. 


 1/27/18 Skyler- Skyler got adopted by a fantastic family in Livermore they were excited to add and addition to their family.Skyler will have lots of fun with is older brother Milo plus tons of bellyrubs and tons of adventures with his new family. Thank you for opening your home and adopting a rescue dog. 


 2/26/18 Shilo-John from Pacifica ca adopted Shilo,John has been waiting for a year to find the perfect match, John and Shilo will be making a lot of new and fun ventures. Thank you for adopting a rescue dog  


  2/22/18 Blue-​Kristin from monterey adopted  Sprite now Blue. They are both excited about starting a new venture with tons of walks going to the beach or relaxing at home.
Thank you for opening your home and adopting a rescue dog 


 3/618 Crimson-The Nicklas Family from Morgan Hill Adopted another new pack member welcome to their home Crimson. Thank you for opening your home for a rescue dog 


 2/18/18 Skyler-Christian & Ma Thea and Naomi Plus Beautiful their dogs Snow and Cody, added another one to their pack welcome Skyler. Thank you for opening your home and adopting a rescue dog. 


 Lexi 3/14/18-Mary and Karl of Los Alto adopted adorable Kiwi now Lexi,they are both very breed savvy and are excited to enjoy life with Lexi. Thank you for opening your home to a rescue dog 


 Feather 3/15/18-​Fassett Family of Livermore ca and their husky Gus added another Furry Friend welcome Feather to the family,gus was especially excited because he has a younger sister to enjoy many adventures with.Thank you for adopting a rescue dog 


 3/18/18 Harley-​​Reis Family adopted Hava now Harley and are so happy to add another Pack Member to their growing family, all are excited about the many adventures they will have.Thank you for adopting a rescue dog 


 4/3/18 Marley finally found his forever home that understand his needs and the family is a very savvy to the breed. Thank you Scrivener Family for adopting a rescue pup 


 Taffy now stormy got adopted to a great family in Antioch ca. They are the perfect family for stromee as they have alot patience and love that she needs. Thank you Barrett Family for opening your home an adopting a rescue pup. 


 Dew got adopted from a nice young gentleman from San Francisco they will enjoy each other company by going on walks or just snuggle time at the house.Thank you for adopting a rescue dog.